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Urban Design and Planning

Urban design and planning is the technology that coordinates the relationship between human activities and the natural environment in terms of space and function, to make people feel more comfortable in their environment.


In developing economies such as China, and with the rise of urbanisation, people are increasingly paying attention to urban planning and construction, yet the top talents in this field are in short supply. In Australia, urban planning has already become a mature industry. It aims to combine environmental protection and urban planning effectively, and many international students favor studying urban design and planning.




A broad range of professional fields are involved in urban design and planning.  These fields are related to the properties of urban systems, the economic and social basis of urban planning, infrastructure planning and monitoring, development economics, land-use planning, sustainable development, urban environmental management, sustainable real estate development and the market evaluation of real estate. 


Urban Design and Planning programs are a combination of academic courses and practical work experience.  For example, at The University of South Australia, students need to fulfill 60 days of internship experience under the supervision of experts. Outstanding performers during internship periods have the chance to continue working for the company.


Job Opportunities


Graduates are eligible to work as urban and regional planners, environmental planners and town planners. They can find work in urban system planning, urban master planning, zoning planning, regulatory planning, site planning and city designing. Graduates can also engage in early-stage feasibility study of estate development, design planning, or contacting and guiding the design department in real estate companies.


Entry Requirements


Admissions to the Bachelor's Degree are determined on the basis of a Secondary School Leaving Certificate (with relevant Science subjects), tertiary study or an approved pathway program.


For Master's Degree, students are required to have relevant undergraduate qualifications. Due to the particular requirements of this profession, students of Architecture, Urban Landscape Design or students with related professional background are encouraged to apply. 

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