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Don't be disheartened by your DSE / HSC results! Top universities in Australia offer various pathways to give you an opportunity to pursue your academic journey. Here are a few possible options:

1️⃣ Foundation Programs: Many universities offer foundation programs that help students supplement their academic knowledge and skills, preparing them for university study.

2️⃣ Colleges and Institutes: Some colleges and institutes provide a diverse range of academic courses and specialized training, offering pathways to enter Australian universities.

3️⃣ Pathway Programs: Some universities offer pathway programs that allow students to progress to undergraduate studies by completing relevant study and assessment requirements.

4️⃣ Interdisciplinary Programs: Consider applying for interdisciplinary programs that typically assess students' abilities and potential holistically, rather than solely based on college entrance exam scores.

No matter your college entrance exam results, don't give up on the opportunity to pursue your dreams! ACAE can provide you with detailed information and guidance on these pathways to enter prestigious Australian universities.

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