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Novel Coronavirus -- Information for students from Australian government

07/02 2020






On the 1st of Feburary, 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison annouced that foreign travellers who have left or passed through mainland China will be denied entry to Australia, as a result of the coronavirus. 



This decision has caused concerns in the groups of international students, Chinese tourists etc. 



The Australian government has sent ACAE the information for students addressing the novel coronavirus as summarised below:




1. For those who are unable to return to Australia continue study due to the coronavirus travel restriction:


Students are encouraged to contact their Education provider for potential solution. 


So far, the higher education intitutes are committed to work through the challenges in current situations. For any of your questions or concerns relating to Visa, enrolment etc, please do not hesitate to contact ACAE to ask for details. 



2. For those whose student visa is expiring:


Student visas cannot be extended without a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your education providers. However, there are a number of visa pathways open for student visa holders to remain in Australia. Please come talk to ACAE consultants if interested to know more. 



Sources: 07/02/2020 


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