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Australian Wines


Australia is world-famous for wine.


It is one of very few countries which produce all of the major wine styles: red, white, fortified, sparkling and dessert. Its wine industry is the world's 4th largest exporter exporting approximately 750 million litres a year to the international market. 


Domestic consumption comes close to 500 million litres every year. The wine industry is a significant contributor to the Australian economy through production, employment, export and tourism.


Wine was initially produced in the coastal region around Sydney. Now wine is produced in every state with the major vineyards located in the southern, cooler parts of the country like South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania. There are approximately 60 wine producing areas in Australia.



Major vineyards include:


NSW - Hunter Valley, Mudgee and Riverina


SA -  Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and Coonawarra


VIC -  Swan Hill, Yarra Valley and Rutherglen


WA -  Margaret River and Swan Valley

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