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Bachelor of business (Service Management) at UC


University of Canberra 


Bachelor of Business (Service Management)



With modern global economies spending, amount on ''service" over "goods" has been increasing. Adoptation of service perspectives to successfully create value for customers and stakeholders has become a highly recognised job in the society.



Then, you may ask where you could study service management course in Australia? 



An short answer on that from ACAE will be:



the Bachelor of business (Service Management) degree at University of Canberra



Course introduction


This course prepares students to effectively manage the operational, technological and human aspects of service business across the commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors.



With the impressive skills and knoweldge base, Graduate students will be able to lead, thrive and adapt in the emerging, and rapidly changing service society. 




Work Integrated Learning


Academic and industry work together to facilitate a range of diverse opportunities for students. This includes internship workshops and placements, guest speakesr, industry projects, work stimulations, overseas study tours and more. 


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