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ACAE History

The Advisory Centre for Australian Education was founded in 1988 on the principle that we should do our best to assist our students to achieve their aim of further study in Australia (or on the mission of providing the best possible services to our students), not just sending them to any institution but the best suited.  Over the past two decades, we have been searching for excellence and achieved many firsts (or reached many milestones).  The following are some highlights:

1988 Found in 280 Pitt St, Sydney »
1989 Relocated to Bathurst St »
1989 Employed a Korean staff, the first agent in Sydney providing education services to Korean students »
1993 Registered also as a migration agent in Australia, an industry first at the time »
  Published a monthly 'Education Living in Australia', first ethnic monthly magazine in Sydney »
1994 Dr Shum's Migration Consultancy established, an offshoot of ACAE »
1995 Organised the first ACAE Education Exhibition in 1995 to market institutions to students, an industry first at the time »
  Moved to new premises in Sussex Street with 16 staff employed and 1 representative office in China »
  Office relocation to Sussex Street »
1997 Sydney Study Centre opened ~  student coaching classes  ,providing coaching for students »
1998 ACAE 10th Anniversary celebration »
1999 Appointed one of the first group of agents to assit institutions with PQI applications »
2000 Filmed the documentary "Education in Australia" jointly with Guangdong TV Channel, China »
2003 Acquired two strata suites in Manning Building on Pitt Street »
2004 Sydney Student Center opened, a 69-bed student dormitory centrally located near UTS, providing affordable housing in a communal environment for international students. The success of this business had attracted interests from investors and the property was sold to hotel gruop in July 2006 »
  Granted eVisa status by DIAC(currently DIBP), the first gruop of agents at the time »
2008 Nominated for the best education centre by The Center for English Teaching (CET)at University of Sydney »
  20th Anniversary Celebration »
2013 25th Anniversary Celebration »